Session 34



Alonius picked the downstairs door lock and peaked through to see 2 goblins in a long hallway.

Severian and Crystal continued with their plan. Severian disguised himself as a Bugbear Warrior that we had previously killed, and pretended to take Crystal as a prisoner. They went in the downstairs door that Alonius had unlocked. Severian and Crystal made it past the first room with no interruptions. They entered the second room where the Bugbear Warrior was sleeping and Severian successfully KILLED HIM IN HIS SLEEP! [Guy killed me with a sword Mal.] At that point the goblins realized they were enemies and attacked accordingly.

It was a relatively uneventful battle. Alonius killed both Goblin Skullcleavers that were in the hallway. Corun and Crystal each got to kill a goblin in the second room. We discovered a Belt of Sacrifice, which went directly to Corun. We also found the key to the door Alonius had broken into.

The group continued into an adjoining room. There was a pool of water with a statue in it. The statue was of a half woman half serpent. The creature was recognized as the deity Blibdoolpoolp [See comments —Sean]. Alonius threw a stone into the water and nothing happened. Crystal did not sense any magic coming from the statue. Alonius heard a conversation in common down the hall but could not make out what they were saying.


OK, a bit of clarification here. I originally referred to the statue as that of a kuo-toa. These creatures do in fact worship a deity called Blibdoolpoolp. However, I believe I later corrected myself (with the help of Mike) and said the statue was a yuan-ti. Kuo-toa are more along the lines of “fish men”, whereas yuan-ti can appear as half man, half serpent.

Now that I’ve said all of that, here’s what really happened (read: this is the story that I’ve just made up because I don’t want to waste such a great deity name): the statue that you saw was of a 20-foot-tall nude human female, with a lobster’s head and claws in place of human parts. Corun recognized the figure as a life-sized representation of Blibdoolpoolp (also known as the Sea Mother). The rest of the group was quickly and forcefully warned not to look directly at it, as her gaze has been known to cause insanity in those foolish enough to gaze into her eyes. A few minutes of concentration on the magical auras of the room (or lack thereof) convinced Crystal all that the statue was in fact safe to look at without any risk of madness.

Session 34

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