Session 33

Severian Asked For A Non-Smoking Room

Severian Asked For A Non-Smoking Room

After the bar was set on fire a continuous line of enemies kept appearing. We recognized one of the hobgoblins as a Warcaster, a few more grunts and even discovered a few Hobgoblin Blackblades. Severian defeated the Warcaster and 2 of the Blackblades. Crystal subdued 4 grunts. Heimdall killed 1 Blackblade while Corun and Alonius killed a grunt each.

Two of the patrons died while playing cards. Two others escaped, along with Erra, Rendil and a man from upstairs. With the help of the townspeople we successfully extinguished the fire and saved the Inn. Alonius walked back into the Inn and took the melted coins from the card table (worth 50GP).

Erra showed us her gratitude by offering us permanent room and food at her Inn. She thinks thatthe mages might be giving the bloodreavers free-reign. She tells us to stay away from Brug who seems to have new masters. She continued on that The Chamber of Eyes (a ruined shrine east of 7 Pillared Hall) is where bloodreavers tend to be. She added that the minotaur statue is a teleportation circle that leads to a tower in the NE corner. The group departs for The Chamber of Eyes.

It turns out to be an uneventful trip. We travel through the Dragon Door, turn left at the door with 5 eyes. Corun notices runes in the wall and guides us through the rest of the way. We enter into a lantern room with a 25 foot tall ceiling. The walls drip with condensation. There is a balcony at the other end of the room and two demon statues flank a stairwell with a door in the middle of the room. The door contained the symbol of an eye with multiple eye stalks (similar to a beholder). The symbol also contained a circle with a crossbar.

Crystal heard high voices and footsteps behind the door. She understood that someone was asking when Krand will divide the loot. Another yelled to keep quiet that they are supposed to be on guard. Some of the group climbed up the balcony to listen at that door. They heard another voice complaining that they want to get paid. Crystal and Severian peak through the doorway on the balcony. They see a very large figure sleeping in a bed, and 2 Goblin Skullcleavers cleaning their gear. Severian recognizes the sleeping figure as a Bugbear Warrior, and thinks he will be able to transform himself into this form. The two climb back downstairs to tell the other their plan.

To be continued….



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