Session 32

Corun Would Tap That

Corun Would Tap That

Alternate Title: I Feel Shame As A Minor Action

Alonius stealthily opened the door where we heard the voices. He saw 4 Hobgoblin Soldiers, a Hobgoblin Warcaster and a cowering halfling in the back corner. The room was brightly lit and contained 10 foot tall casks and some flimsy tables. Alonius accidently slammed the door shut but no one inside seemed to notice. The group made quick work of the enemies and Severian approached the halfling. The halfling introduced himself as Rendil Halfmoon. He said that hobgoblins jumped him in the 7 Pillared Hall. He started rambling that his aunt Erra owns Halfmoon Inn, which wasn’t far, and that he could guide us. He also stated that we must stay on the Mages of Saruun and Brugg’s good side. Brugg is an ogre enforcer/thug. Crystal didn’t quite buy his life story but trusted that he would lead us to the 7 Pillared Hall. Severian mentioned that the hobgoblins are stealing humans. Rendil claimed to not know anything about this and we believed him. Rendil said that these hobgoblins were calling themselves bloodreavers.

Rendil sucessfully led the group to the Thunderspire and our first stop was at the Halfmoon Inn. Erra offered us room and board. We asked Erra about anyone/anything interesting in the area. She told us about a halfling minstrel named Bennick the Wanderer, a merchant dwarf named Ulthand Deepgem, who used to be the cleric of Moradin. She also tells us of the Temple of Hidden Light (aka Erathis) and a trading post run by the Grimmerzhul clan. Corun recognized Grimmerzhul but would not elaborate. She also told us about the Rothar Taproom run by an ill-tempered half orc. She warned us not to go there. She also says there is a crazy sage (whose name she won’t mention), and that we will know when we see him. Heimdall began to wander around the Inn and heard mutters and noticed cautious stares. Erra commented that the Mages of Saruun don’t seem to care that everyone is scared. Humans are even getting sold to bloodreavers. Erra says that the mages are supposed to watch over everyone. She also states that no one can find the entrance to the tower.

Suddenly we noticed a naked person walking around the Inn. We assumed he was the crazy sage. He was recognized by a few of us as Mindartha the former wizard. In his arms were books and scrolls. We approached him and he stated that clothes would slow him down and he doesn’t know who is after him. He kept starting to talk and stopping mid sentence. Corun detected a magical aura on him, suggesting he was under a spell of some kind. Alonius offered Mindartha a room at the Inn, which he accepted.

While we were partaking in the festivities at the Inn 4 hobgoblins ran in with swords, telling everyone to kill us who ask about the bloodreavers. We recognized one of the hobgoblins as a Bugbear, while the others were merely grunts. Crystal quickly dispersed the grunts while Heimdall took care of the Bugbear. As soon as those hobgoblins were killed 4 more showed up. One of them threw a torch and set the bar on fire. Alonius then saw a naked wizard running away from the Inn.

To be continued…



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