Session 31

Corun Wants Ale, Heimdall Wants Tail

Corun Wants Ale, Heimdall Wants Tail

Alternate Title: Alonius Gets A Tramp Stamp

Alonius told the group that for a small amount of money each, he has found a way for us to all get the Tattoo of Bonded Defense. This tattoo allows allies to shift closer to a first-bloodied ally as an immediate reaction. We visited a tattoo artist named Rusk. Oddly enough, Rusk recognized Corun. He told her he was sorry about what happened and Corun responded that she didn’t want to talk about it. The incident left the group quite confused. Alonius stayed behind to speak to Rusk about Corun, but he seemed unwilling to answer any of his questions. 20gp bought Alonius the knowledge that Corun’s clan is a Mindshadow clan, which was no big secret. We returned to the tavern and Alonius bought Corun ale and the rest of the group a feast.

Next was a visit to Lord Padraig. We showed him the “greetings Kalarel” letter and Padraig said that it was the best lead we have. Corun and Salvana worked diligently and were able to stabilize him. Lord Padraig agreed to pay us if we show proof that the bloodreavers have been defeated. The offer was 1000GP for the group.

While in the tavern we spoke to many of the townspeople. Salvana was angry that she did not know about Ninaran or Bairwin. Valthrun and Eilian spoke about a city named Saruun Khel in the mountain built by minotaurs. It is an underground city that disappeared 300 years ago. A labyrinth and a 7 pillared hall were mentioned throughout history. Mages of Saruun have influence on the remains of the city. Valthrun says if we bring him back a souvenir he will give us a small reward and a ritual of our choice. Severian stated that e got a tip from his contact and suggested that we search the city of Fallcrest. Lenora warned Alonius, Crystal and Corun that there was something evil about Severian.

Next we headed to Bairwin’s basement. It smelled of death and decay and contained pews and pictures of Orcus on the carpet. Heimdall spotted the remains of a skeleton warrior in the pews. Alonius found a prayer book.

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Alonius saw something “not right” in the back corner of the room. Corun noticed a loose block in the wall, which Heimdall promptly removed. In the hole we saw another room with shelves and a chest. We entered and Alonius opened the chest. Inside was 200SP and 100GP. On the shelves Crystal found prayer books, ritual books and history books. She placed the ritual and history nooks in her bag of holding. In one of the ritual books Crystal found the *Comprehend Language *ritual. She also found a correspondence from Kalarel to Bairwin, and another from Ninaran to Bairwin.

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She called Corun over to her and they quietly decided to keep the pages between the two of them until they are able to ask Padraig who recommended Severian.

The group inspected the prayer book that sat on the altar. It seemed to be a powerful prayer. We decided it would be best to keep the leader book but burn the rest. Crstal put the books in her bag of holding to burn when able. Heimdall proceeded to destroy the altar.

Crystal and Corun made a trip to visit Lord Padraig to ask about Severian. Padraig told us that he came recommended by a guild, but knew very little after that.

During our journey to Fallcrest we burned the books and read through the Thunder Peaks and the Shadowfell. We passed by the Thunderspire on our way, which consisted mostly of pine forests and hills. We found our way to a dwarf-made trade road highway from Fallcrest to Hammerfast. It was a trade road to Vale Road which cut through to mountain. Black clouds hid the tip of the Thunderspire Mountain.

We continued on the trade road to Fallcrest, and headed straight to the Inn of The Welcome Wench, owned by Gundigoot. Gundigoot ran the Inn with his wife and two daughters. Alonius introduced himself to Gundigoot and asked about the Thunderspire Mountain. He responded that he did not know of anything strange regarding the mountain. Heimdall asked Gundigoot about arm wrestling and he pointed to a stone mason dwarf treasure hunter named Fernok, who lives at the Inn. Heimdall then went off to find some wenches. While this was going on Severian wandered off on his own and returned with news that his contacts were wrong about Fallcrest being important. Gundigoot went on to tell us that two humans named Rufus and Burn lead a malitia in town, and are rumored to have slain a green dragon. Heimdall immediately befriends them. Gundigoot asks us to take care of any trouble at the Thunderspire.

The group’s attention then wandered to Fernok. Alonius noticed that he frequently cheated in his
Ship, Captain and Crew games. Heimdall challenged Fernok to an arm wrestle. Fernok won only by someone kicking Heimdall’s legs out from under him. No one was able to see who did it. Alonius the challenged Fernok to a game of Ship, Captain and Crew, which a bet of 10GP. He used 3 of Splug’s trick dice and 3 of Furnok’s. Alonius beat him and Furnok stormed off.

The group then made the trek to Thunderspire on a cobblestone path. They went through the minotaur gate to The 7 Pillared Hall. As we approached the hall Severian’s eyes went wide and he stopped in his tracks. (He sees a war of undead and minotaurs. He raises the rod in the air and chants that the minotaurs will die.) We do not see or hear any of this.

We then reached the Road of Lanterns. Through an open door we hear “you’re ours now, halfling. We’ll easily get 10 gold for you.” A high voice responded “that’s a shame cause I’m worth 20. I’ll buy myself if you’ll let me go.”

To be continued…



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