Session 16

Don't Wet The Noodle (AKA Alonius Blue Himself)

Don’t Wet The Noodle (AKA Alonius Blue Himself)

In this session we followed the path a rat took around a dark corner. Alonius stealthily made his way up to an old fungus-covered door. In the fungus someone had written “Stay Out. Really”. We met up at the doorway and Alonius entered alone. Upon entering the room he noticed a small island surrounded by water that held decaying bones and treasure. Without any regard for his safety he lept across the water to the island. The motion awoke a Large Blue Slime.

As usual, Corun single-handedly brought most of our party back to life. After nearly bringing half the party to their knees (and Severian to his final resting place), the creature was destroyed. Crystal may have dealt the final blow, but everyone fought nobily. Heimdall (Matt) cashed in a fancy card that gave him a +2 to saving throws for the encounter. This came in handy as the Blue Slime gave many status effects.

In the treasure pile we found 157sp, 33gp, 1 potion of healing (held by Alonius), and a Shield of Protection (taken by Heimdall).

There were also 2 message cylinders. One had a letter in it to Saa Shava Tra’ak from Lhevk-ruh Krand of the Bloodreavers. The other had a letter to Kalarel from Chief Krand of the Bloodreavers, a letter to the messengers from Krand, and a map of The Nentir Vale.

The letter to Kalarel said Krand was eager to buy humanoids from him. He had duergar allies in the Thunderspire in need of slaves. His messengers would show Kalarel the way back to Krand.

The letter to the messengers stated not to wet the nodule unless Kalarel was unreceptive to the offer. Water would bring the creature out of dormancy.

The letter to Saa Shava Tra’ak stated strange things were happening in the Labyrinth and Seven-Pillared Hall. He was questioning what the oath-brothers were doing, and wanted to find out what high priest Kalarel was doing in the Keep.

The map of Nentir Vale had blood spots on it and showed the following places: The Stonemarch, Cairingorm Peaks, Winterhaven, Keep on the Shadowfell, Gardmore Abbey, King’s Road, Gardbury Downs, Kobald Hall, The Cloak Wood, Winter River, Gray Downs, Fallcrest, Moon Hills, Raven Roost, Trade Road, Thunderspire, and The Old..(the end was cut off).

(In this session it was also decided that each player can hold as many fancy cards as they like, but at the start of each session they have to pick 2 to be active that session. Only 1 of the 2 active cards can be used per session.)



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