Session 13

I Give You A Fancy Death

I Give You A Fancy Death

First things first, the group opened the treasure chest. Inside was 560 gp, and a +1 Challenge Seeking Longsword. Severian beat Heimdall in a roll for it.

Then we headed back west toward the remaining door. We heard someone yell “SPLUG” once more as Alonius opened the door. We tried to stealthily enter but enemies were watching the door open from the other side. The room appeared to be a torture room, with an iron maiden, torture table and cages inside.

In the room we found Balgrun again, with a bloody goblin warrior at his side. Corun quickly noticed the warrior had her ropes still around his wrists, confirming him to be the goblin we threw in the pit.

Severian, still upset over Balgrun escaping him, headed straight toward him. It was the first of many fancy deaths of the session, with Balgrun being beheaded.

A sharpshooter was thrown into the iron maiden. Heimdall was waiting, sword in hand, when he attempted to escape.

There was a new type of creature; a Hobgoblin Torturer, who Crystal noticed was wearing hide armor. It was a +1 Bloodcut Hide Armor, which allowed its wearer to resist 10 until end of next turn as a daily.

The fancy deaths continued throughout the session. Severian threw Sharpshooter 4 into a fire pit. After Crystal got locked in a cage by Sharpshooter 3, she shot lightning through his crotch and then skull. Another unfortunate goblin was thrown into the torture rack with such force that his top half flew over the top of it, and his bottom half crumpled to the floor. We cleared the rest of the room and started searching for treasure.

We found 50 gp among the goblins, 55 gp on the hobgoblin (plus his hide armor), and in Balgrun’s pockets we found two keys. One key was to the treasure chest which we already opened. The other was unknown. Both keys were given to Corun for safe keeping.

Crystal and Alonius rolled for the hide armor, with Crystal emerging victorious.

As the group rummaged through their recent findings, a voice once again yelled “SPLUG” from down the hall. There were no villagers in sight, only this one goblin prisoner who kept yelling “SPLUG”.



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