The Hashtags

Heimdall – Human Fighter

Bob A. Ganoush – Human Paladin

Alonious Sark – Half-elf Rogue

Corun “Stoneflagon” Mineshadow – Dwarf Cleric

Crystal Fangstorm – Longtooth Shifter Druid

Taika Swordhand – Half-elf Bard

Severian XXIII – Changeling Assassin

Equipment Alonyous Corun Crystal Heimdall Severian
XP 3568 3568 3568 3568 3568
GP x x 63 gp x x
Body Leather Armor Dwarven Chain Mail +1 Bloodcut Hide Armor +1 Blackiron Scale Armor +1 Leather Armor
Main Hand Katar Warhammer Staff of Earthen Might Aecris Challenge Seeking Longsword +1
Off Hand Dagger Flagon x x Light Shield
Alternate Sling x Totem x x
Head x x x x x
Neck x x Badge of the Berserker +1 x Amulet of Physical Resolve +1
Arms x x Couters of Second Chances (heroic) x x
Hands x x x Giantkind Gloves x
Ring 1 x x x x x
Ring 2 x x x x x
Waist x x x x x
Feet x x x x x
Symbol x Symbol Of Divine Reach +1 x x x
Tattoo x x x x x
Boon x x x x x
Wondrous x x x x x
Rituals Known x Gentle Repose, Comprehend Language Animal Messenger, Create Campsite x x
Misc dragon statue dragon statue dragon statue, Potion of Healing dragon statue, Potion of Healing dragon statue
Fancy Cards My Name is Inigo Montoya, Longer Legs x Prophetic Insight, These Are Not the Droids.., Saw That Coming, Tree Hugger, Those Damn Elves, Oh I Remember How To Do That, I’m Not Done Yet x I’m Not Left Handed Either
Fancy Points 0 x 0 x x

Residuum: 0 GP worth

Transport: none

Unassigned items: 2 Potions Of Healing, Scroll of Comrade’s Succor

Undistributed wealth: 416gp 1sp

The Hashtags

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