Session 8
"Irontooth Must Be Warned!"

“Irontooth Must Be Warned!”

The newly-named “Hashtags” reunited at Wrafton’s Inn to discuss the past day’s events and decide their next move. The necklace with the Orcus symbol carved into it was still a mystery, so the group questioned Salvana and Valthrun at the Inn. Ninaran seemed to take an interest in the discussion, and said that she spotted cult members in a nearby cave behind a waterfall. It contains only a handful of kobolds, and shouldn’t be any problem for the adventurers. Also questioned:

Lord Padraig – “Preposterous!” The quest should take priority.

Sister Linora – “I would have heard about it. And I would have taken action in the name of Avandra”

The mirror was found not to be magical, although a valuable antique. Valthrun was prepared to pay 400gp for it, but the group was able to sell it in the marketplace for 550gp. The necklace got an offer of 80gp, which the group refused. Also nearby in the marketplace, The Hashtags were approached by Delphina Moongem, who let them know that she spotted goblins around the old keep in the North.

On the orders from Padraig and advice from Ninarn, The Hashtags set out for the waterfall where they encounter over a dozen kobolds of varing strengths and abilities. Some of these abilities were augmented by a sacred circle marked by runes on the ground, but the element of surprise enabled The Hashtags to emerge victorious.

The last kobold managed to escape back behind the waterfall, shouting in draconic “Irontooth must be warned!”

  • 1 Kobold Skirmisher
  • 10 Kobold Minions
  • 1 Kobold Dragonshield
  • 1 Kobold Slinger
  • 4gp, 17sp

XP (total): 475

XP (each): 79

Session 7
Closing The Muddy Hole

Closing The Muddy Hole

The heroes very quietly opened the door to the next room to find 2 Giant Frogs in a shallow pit of mud. A group of Croakers and a Bullywug Mud Lord were lying in wait, but were dispatched while the group attempted to deal with Severian and Crystal being swallowed by the frogs, and most of the group in danger of falling to the Croakers’ claw attacks.

Opening the heavy vault door, the heroes found themselves face-to-face with a malfuctoning magical staff that appeared to be allowing the Elemental Chaos plane to intrude on the Material Plane. The sending stones held out just long enough for a quick description to be given to Bob and Taika, and their response that it would take a combination of knowledge of nature and the arcane to repair the staff. Severian was selected to retrieve the staff, and he was met by 4 Mud Men as soon as he stepped into the swirling mud surrounding the staff. Corun took the staff to begin attempting to repair it while the rest held off the elemental creatures. After they were reduced to puddles, the group seemed to relax a little too much, nearly reopening the portal in their fumbling attempts to repair it. With a bit more concentration, and assistance from Heimdal, Alonyous, and Severian, the pairing of Corun’s arcane power and Crystal’s knowledge of the natural world was enough to restore the Staff Of Earthen Might to its original state.

Defeated (Chamber Of The Frog):
  • 1 Bullywug Mud Lord
  • 2 Giant Frogs
  • 4 Bullywug Croakers
Treasure (Chamber Of The Frog): Defeated (Vault Of The Staff):
  • 4 Mud Lords
  • Stem The Tide (skill challenge)
Treasure (Vault Of The Staff):
  • Feyleaf Sandals (taken by Bob)
  • Staff Of Earthen Might (taken by Crystal)

XP (total): 602 + 750 + 500 (minor quest) = 1852

XP (each): 370

Session 6
Destroying Bullywugs (and doors)

Destroying Bullywugs (and doors)

  • Receive word from Lord Padraig that a recent increase in bullywug sightings must be investigated. Portal to the Elemental Chaos is suspected
  • Taika and Bob stay behind in Winterhaven with Valthrun to research how to close a portal if it is found.
  • Receive weak Sending Stone from Valthrun
  • Lord Padraig hires Severian XXIII to join the group for this mission.
  • The Ruins – battle and investigation
  • The Study – battle

Defeated (The Ruins):
  • 2 Bullywug Croakers
  • 2 Bullywug Muckers
  • 2 Bullywug Twitchers
Treasure (The Ruins):
  • +1 Symbol Of Divine Reach (taken by Corun)
Defeated (The Study):
  • 3 Bullywug Muckers
  • 1 Bullywug Twitcher
  • 1 hidden quagmire hazard (giggity!)
Treasure (The Study):
  • gems (worth 100gp)
  • Scroll of Comrade’s Succor (taken by ???)

XP (total): 526 + 550 = 1076

XP (each): 215

Session 5
Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure

  • Travel to the dragon burial site
  • Defeat Kalarel, Agrid, and the kidnappers
  • Rescue Douven Stahl (minor quest completed)

Defeated (Burial Site):
  • Kalarel
  • Agrid
  • 2 Guard Drakes
  • 4 Human Rabble
  • 65gp, 13sp
  • ancient mirror (sold for 550gp)
  • +1 Amulet Of Health

XP (total): 674 + 1250 = 1924

XP (each): 320

Session 3
The saga begins...

The Saga Begins…

  • Set out for Winterhaven
  • Complete the “On The Road” battle

  • 5 Kobold Minions
  • 1 Kobold Slinger
  • 2 Kobold Dragonshields

Treasure (group): 28sp

Treasure (Alonyous): 8sp

XP (total): 475

XP (each): 79

Session 2
"I don't like you either!"

“I Don’t Like You Either!”

  • Continuation of the tavern brawl
  • Character creation and introduction to Heimdall
  • Receive the “missing treasure hunter” quest

  • 3 Human Rabble
  • 1 Human Guard
  • 2 Gray Wolf

treasure: 60sp

XP (total): 493

XP (each): 82

Session 1
"He doesn't like you!"

“He Doesn’t Like You”

  • Character creation of Bob, Taika, Alonyous, Corun, and Crystal
  • Introduction to the setting / Tipsy Traveller Inn
  • First half of the tavern brawl


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