Session 28
The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown

….continued from previous session

After the many creatures had been disposed of, Crystal noticed a tunnel in the corner of one of the rooms. Severian squeezed through it and came to a room with seemingly nothing important inside. Crystal made her way through and discovered a bag of holding with 176pg inside. She kept the bag of holding for herself and deposited the gold in the group’s community fund. The males of the group decided to full rest while the females watched guard. Those that slept continued their dream from previous nights.

The dream continued past where it had previous nights. Shadowy arms of old dead friends reached out at the dreamers, begging them to release them by making “the final sacrifice”. Upon awakening, Alonius and Severian felt they were down by 2 healing surges while Heimdall was down by 1.

Alonius stealthily opened the double doors that the ghoul had gone through the evening before. Inside we saw a huge cavernous red room with large pillars and a mosaic floor. In the middle of the room sat an altar bin filled with the blood of three humans hanging from chains. Their necks and wrists had been slit but they continued to live and bleed by some sort of magic. Blood streaks led from the bin to grates in the floor. Surrounding the grates were mosaic tiles picturing demon heads. Behind the altar bin sat an altar. Behind the altar was a statue of Orcus and a man chanting about a sacrifice to Orcus. He raised a dagger and we were able to see the ram tattoo on his face. He wore black and purple robes with vestments adorned with ram heads.

Heimdall took the initiative and placed his sword in his teeth to rip the door off its hinges. We then collected behind him and ran into the room using the door as a shield. Once inside the room Heimdall threw the door at a vampire minion, bringing it to its final death. The first creatures that the group noticed were vampire spawns, a dark creeper (aka “Steve”), human berserkers and an underpriest of Orcus. Heimdall killed one of the berserkers while Crystal managed to kill four vampires.

Corun concentrated on the priest’s chanting and noticed that it seemed to be a supporting ritual, not “the big one”. She also noticed that the priest was NOT kalarel, based on the ghost we fought early in the adventure.

To be continued….

Session 27
My gods have spoken. Nope...it was just Crystal.

My gods have spoken. Nope…it was just Crystal.

Alternate title: “SLAM! Duh duh duh…let the dead be dead!”

At the start of the session (in-game timeline pushed back to before current room), Heimdall told us about a dream/vision he had. In this vision all of Heimdall’s deceased ancestors visited him and warned him that his recent actions have not made them proud. So he had a choice to make…either continue on the path he had set on or side with his honorable ancestors. Another factor was that his sword (Aecris) seemed different. Corun noticed that it seemed to become more powerful with each act of treachery he performed. He informed the group that he decided to side with his ancestors, and vowed to make honorable decisions in the future.

Now back to Alonius drowning….

Corun inspected the arcane wall and recognized it as an arcane cage that could not be damaged and left no line of effect. Remembering the cryptic dreams they had had in the Keep about blood quenching thirsts, Crystal spattered a small amount of her blood on the arcane cage. The group noticed that it shimmered slightly and some water trickled out before it returned to its previous state. Seeing this from the water-filled room, Alonius immediately slashed his arm and was able to leap through a small opening in the arcane cage just before it closed back up.

Through a series of examinations, the group realized that destroying the cherubs would most likely destroy the arcane cage as well. Severian teleported inside the cage to get a better look. We destroyed one cherub and it crumbled to the ground but nothing happened. We decided to see if destroying a second one would be more effective. It was. After the cherub crumbled so did the arcane cage. Water flowed from the room and stopped dripping from the jugs. We then moved forward to examine the doors at the end of the hallway.

While this was going on Heimdall approached one of the dragon statues and it came to life. He destroyed it mostly on his own and then turned to the second statue to leave nothing to chance.

Once the arcane cage had been disabled, Crystal examined the locked door and realized that the lock was directly connected to the life of the dragon statues. She moved in to help Heimdall destroy the remaining statue by dealing damage when the status did not move on its turn. The group then reunited at the watery hallway. Seeing that Heimdall had been a big help to the party, Corun decided to grant him healing.

Alonius listened through the door and heard vocal sounds..not necessarily speech. He stealthily opened the door and everyone smelled rotten meat. We also saw partially eaten corpses and a zombie rotter approaching. We opened the door to face the undead creatures.

Severian set up his “army of the night” attack on one of the zombies. If an ally ended adjacent to the zombie it would feel the need to attack its ally. This power alone disposed of five zombie rotter minions. Everyone in the group got to kill at least one minion. Severian killed both zombies ad Heimdall ended the ghoul’s afterlife. The clay scout that had been in the room ran out in the middle of the battle. He exited through two double doors and we decided to not split the party by following after him. A ghoul then appeared out of nowhere and attempted to bite Alonius.

We stopped mid battle in favor of sleep (out-of-character).

Session 26
Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving

Alternate title: Circle Jerky of Death

Alonius snuck down the hall and cracked open the door to peek. He saw another hallway. Crystal heard someone yell in goblin: “we’re under attack!” As a creature ran throught the door and shut it Severian heard it say “go for help! We’ll hold them off here”.

Knowing what was ahead, the group took their time searching the door before they opened the door. Alonius checked the pile of boxes on the floor and found mostly rotten food. There were, however, 3 casks of beer, which Corun took advantage of.

The group again heard voices from behind the door. This time they said “where are you going you fools? Stay here and fight!” Alonius recognized it as an obvious bluff. Severian proceeded to open the door and lots of creature were there waiting. The attacks included a pair of hobgoblin soldiers, a hobgoblin warcaster, a hobgoblin archer (aka “Bob”) and many hobgoblin grunts. Crystal took care of all the grunt minions, while Corun and Heimdall each got to kill a soldier. At the request of Heimdall, Alonius knocked the warcaster unconscious without killing him.

Heimdall picked up the shockstaff that the warcaster had been holding and proceeded to shove it up his buttocks in an unsightly manner. Upon seeing this, the archer surrendered his weapons. He admitted that he was a Bloodreaver, and claimed to not know of any plaas for an attack. However, he did know of human slaves that were taken from Winterhaven and sold in The Seven-Pillared Hall. He continued on to explain that Bloodreavers have an agreement with the master and they make undead. He said that Kalarel was in the Keep (by the water room), and it is their job to protect him.

Because he was such a big help, we decided to simply knock him unconscious and tie him to a table so he couldn’t escape. We gagged him and broke his longbow as well. Corun remained in the corner by the casks while this exchange was happening.

To be thorough, we checked the last door in the hallway and found nothing inside. We then continued to the water-dripping room and made our way single-file around the large statue that had attacked us previously. Alonius approached the door past the cherubs and took a sip of water from a cherub’s jug. He said that although it looked like seawater that it tasted like regular water. He continued into the hallway ahead of the group and an arcane wall shut across the opening, blocking him off from everyone else. The area started to fill with water with Alonius trapped inside. The doors to the entrance of the large room once again slammed shut. This time with everyone inside.

To be continued…..

EDIT [Sean] – minor spelling corrections on names/locations

Session 25
Tra'ak's Last Supper

Tra’ak’s Last Supper

Alternate Title: Alonius Goes To The Peep Show

Alonius continued to stealthily search the hallways. The group tried to keep up, while still keeping a safe distance. Alonius came across a room that contained a large burned table with crumpled parchments. There wee also large containers in the corner of the room. Alonius peaked in an eyehole in a door and something yelled out from the other side “sell them to the blood reavers! Attack!” Eight hobgoblins emerged and closed the port cullis with only Alonius and Crystal inside the room. Severian was able to teleport into the room but the rest of the group had to wait for Heimdall to break through the gate (which took three tries).

We quickly learned that the tall hobgoblin war chief was named Tra’ak. Upon seeing Heimdall’s shield he said “Garek, what have you done?” The battle was a tough one. Heimdall fell unconscious once, while Severian and Alonius fell multiple times. Severian was able to get two kills in, while Crystal took care of the rest.

After the creatures had all been taken care of, the group explored the room. On the table Corun found plans for an attack on Winterhaven. It involved 20 hobgoblins and several hundred undead. Crystal found 4 bottles of wine (worth 5gp each). Alonius found nothing in the beds, but did find a treasure chest in one of the bedrooms. The chest contained 380gp and a Vicious Shortsword +1 (which Alonius took). Heimdall checked Tra’ak’s body for symbols and found nothing. He then cut the war chief’s face off as a souvenir.

(Bookkeeping: Heimdall and Crystal got an AP, but the rest of the group has one more encounter to go)

Session 24
Q-Burt is The Name of My Gelatinous Cube

Q-Burt is The Name of My Gelatinous Cube

Secondary title: Salvana Taught Me To Be Limber

The group encountered a gelatinous cube (aka Q-Burt) which swallowed Alonius very early on. Severian was also swallowed, but was able to teleport out. Heimdall killed the gelatinous cube with Alonius still inside. A still-alive Alonius was pulled from the slain enemy.

Once the gelatinous cube was defeated, Heimdall investigated the nearby sarcophagi (four in total). They were made of stone with little ornamentation on the outside. There was also a locked door in the room. Severian attempted to unlock the door, but was unsuccessful. Alonius’s luck faired better. Heimdall stepped forward to open the door, and the moment he did two of the sarcophagi crashed open to reveal two very angry corpses.

Severian took the afterlife of one, while Crystal claimed the other. Just to be on the safe side, Heimdall placed the two heavy lids on top of the remaining two sarcophagi.

The group then searched the room that had been locked. They found a treasure chest with the symbol of Bahamut on it. The contents appeared to be children’s belongings: An amulet with Drystan Keegan on it, a bracelet with Ceinwein Keegan on it, a wooden toy sword, a hair brush and a child’s doll. There was also an amulet of Safewing (+1). Corun won the roll for it but generously gave her prize to Alonius.

Corun, Alonius and Severian were in dire need of a full rest. During that time Crystal and Heimdall short rested and stood guard.

The members of the group that full rested experienced the same nightmare as before, with a slightly longer ending. There were tears from ceiling, and blood on their hands and floor. Voices in their heads said “feed us. Only your blood will quench our thirst.” They once again lost a surge upon waking.

Session 23
Corun Summons Giant Peep

Corun Summons Giant Peep

The group continued to search the remaining rooms. There were many hallways with closed doors. We basically just picked one and started there. The room we picked had a huge statue of a generic titan. Alonius moved further into the room and the statue came to life. At the same time, the door to the room slammed shut and locked from the other side. Luckily, the entire group was on the same side of the door.

While fighting the huge titan statue, we discovered an access panel on the statue. We also observed that the dust had been disturbed around the dragon statues in the corner of the room. We noticed that the statue’s range of motion left enough space to walk the perimeter of the room without being within his reach. Severian made his way around the room to a corridor that contained 4 cherub statues holding jugs over their heads. There was also a small puddle by a closed door in the corridor, which we decided to ignore for the time being. Heimdall made his way over to Severian and noticed that the water was dripping from the walls but not the ceiling. Severian and Heimdall never actually entered the corridor.

Crystal gave the final blow to the titan statue before any of us had to approach the access panel. After several attempts, Alonius successfully unlocked the door that had slammed shut behind us. We exited without further examining the room.

The group continued down a narrow hallway and encountered two Blue Devils. It was a well-known fact among the group that Corun had personal experience with Blue Devils, and hated them immensely. Severian and Crystal knocked the devils unconscious and allowed Corun the final blow. Crystal had created a zone that damaged enemies when they exited the space. Corun pulled the Blue Devils out of the zone, killing them instantly. Heimdall scooped up some of their ectoplasm and wrote on the wall “That was for Corun you Blue Devil bitches”.

Session 22
We're All Dying and Severian Can't Get Up an F'n Rope!

We’re All Dying and Severian Can’t Get Up an F’n Rope!

Alternate Title: “Does Thou Have a Forty?”

The group made their way back to the Keep. Upon searching for Splug, all the group found was a broken sunrod and 3 D6 dice. After numerous rolls of the dice, we noticed that the numbers 4, 5 and 6 came up most frequently. Those numbers happened to be common for the game “Ship, Captain and Crew”, which we all knew Splug to be fond of. Heimdall closely examined the dice, and realized that the holder of the dice would gain a +1 to a D20 roll they just made. Corun won them by critting a D20 roll.

We went back into the Keep and continued down the stairs where we had not ventured to before. There we noticed 2 hobgoblin soldiers and 2 hobgoblin grunts. In the center of the room was a 30 foot deep well. When we gave the passphrase we had found, they yelled that " Ninaran has died", and prepared to attack us.

Early in the fight Severian was pushed down into the well. Each time he attempted to climb out of the well he was either pushed back down or fell. He ended up staying down there for the majority of the battle.

Many more hobgoblins emerged and as we walked further into the room we noticed a Death Jump Spider in a cage in the next room. The spider was eventually released and joined the fight against us. It was a difficult fight, but the group was ultimately victorious. Alonius fell unconscious and used a fancy card to be able to attack while unconscious. It turned out to be well worth it since he fell unconscious many times during the fight. Severian finally escaped from the well and used his rage to give the spider the finishing blow.

Session 21
Ninaran is Evil and a Whore

Ninaran is Evil and a Whore

The group decided to make their way back to Winterhaven. Corun and Crystal pulled Splug off to the side and asked him to hide in a bush. Crystal instructed him in Goblin to observe whoever goes in/out of the Keep. We gave him a dagger and Corun promised to bring him back twice the amount of ale she was planning on giving him.

Upon our return to Winterhaven, Lord Padraig met us at the gate and instructed us to go straight to the graveyard. Delphina went back inside the city gates.

The graveyard had 3 mausoleums, and the largest one had a glowing circle next to it. Alonius snuck up to the circle and one of the mausoleums opened. Elven archer Ninaran emerged from the mausoleum, along with 12 decrepit skeletons. Gravehound zombies also started appearing throughout the graveyard.

Severian and Crystal made their way to the glowing circle in hopes of disabling it. Crystal made a successful arcana check, and Severian made two successful thievery checks, ultimately disabling the circle. The remaining skeletons and hound fell to dust when this happened.

The group gave a mighty effort, and Crystal had the privilege of giving the fatal hit to Ninaran. On her, the group found 39gp, and a sheet of velum.

The velum had a note from Kalarel that said the passphrase to the second floor of the Keep is “from the ground some magic was found.”

We also noticed that Ninaran’s clothing had a tear, which matched the torn piece of cloth that we had been trying to match.

We returned to Winterhaven and were treated as heroes. Salvana offered sleeping quarters and ale, free of charge. Heimdall decided to get a little something extra from her in the sleeping quarters.

Session 20
Orcus' Vile Taint

Orcus’ Vile Taint

The group fought more skeletons and finally made it to the end of the hallway. Crystal came away with the most minions killed, but Heimdall killed both the Warriors. At the end of the hallway there was a dome in the ceiling that had a picture of a flying dragon with silver scales. Corun recognized the dragon as Bahamat aka Platinum Dragon (god of justice, protection and honor).

Past the dome we saw matching altars with etchings of soldiers praying. Above one of them was written in blood in draconic “blood and shadows. Blood for shadows.” Written on the south altar Heimdall read “The platinum dragon is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer. He is my stronghold, my refuge and my armor against the foes of life. I need only kneel and offer him my praise.” Upon reading this, Heimdall moved up to pray and Alonius followed. As they prayed the light under the domed ceiling shed blinding light and each sarcophagus clattered then went quiet. After that the remaining party members knelt at the altar to pray. As we did this a bright light shone from behind the altar and a compartment became visible. Alonius opened it and found 6 silver and platinum dragon statues. Since there were only 5 members in the group, Corun convinced everyone to leave the sixth statue behind.

Next we moved to the north altar on the other side of the hallway. Prayer did not produce anything out of the ordinary at that altar. However, upon careful examination of the dragon statues, Alonius noticed a faint trace of magic. Next the group moved up to the metal double doors at the end of the hallway, where Splug rejoined us. On the other side of the doors was a tomb with a coffin (on a raised dais). Alonius snuck up to the coffin and noticed manic writing on the walls, once again written in blood.

-“The door. i must find the door. So much blood. Can’t see. Shadows everywhere.”
-“No they tricked me Master. They have locked me in. Release thy servant.”
-“No Master. Please no. I do not want to see. Do not show me. Do not abandon me Master. I want to be in your shadow.
-”What have I done. NO."
-“Bahamut forgive me. This is the end.” (This was written behind the altar)

A warrior in plate armor was carved into the lid of the coffin. Corun recognized that a burial like that would be for royalty or someone very important. Corun knelt to pray and a skeleton holding a sword burst out of the coffin. He stated “the rift muct never be reopened. State your business or prepare to die.” The group participated in a skills challenge and ultimately proved our worthiness and willingness to fight.

The warrior introduced himself as Sir Keegan. He was in charge of keeping the rift sealed. He asked us if we had been sent to do the same. He goes on to tell us how he had murdered everyone (including his own family) while under Orcus’ control. Sir Keegan presented his sword named Aecris, which had been given to him when he was knighted by the Eladrin King. Sir Keegan gave Aecris to Heimdall and advised him to seek Bahamat’s aid. As a thank you Heimdall handed Sir Keegan his own sword in return.

While making our way back through the keep, we heard a small voice coming from the entrance. The voice asked “heroes are you still there?” When we got closer to the entrance we recognized the voice as Delphina Moongem’s. She told us her uncle returned to Winterhaven…her uncle who had died years ago. Apparently all the dead citizens of Winterhaven have started rising from their graves. Lord Padraig sent her to the keep to retrieve us. It looks like we will most likely be returning to Winterhaven. But what to do with Splug?

Session 19
Nobody Puts Zombie In A Corner

Nobody Puts Zombie In A Corner

We found more writing on the walls. It appeared to again be human blood.
-“The shadows are whispering to me. They tell me secrets. They tell me to do things. Horrible things.”
-“There are shadows in my head and blood on my hands. Who am I? When will it end?”
-“Get away from me I do not want to see.”
-“Sweet blood. Thou are my river and master.”
-“The horned one is calling in my dreams. Showing me things. Things that I have to do. He is my master. He is my lord.”

The group fought the room full of zombies with ease. Corun critted against one of them and it instantly dessintigrated. When all the zombies had been irradicated a spirit inside a plaque began to speak to Corun. It asked a riddle, and promised a reward for a correct answer. The group was triumphant and Heimdall obtained a +1 Black Iron Scale Armor.

We continued searching the level we were on and came across more writing on the walls.
-“The door. I must open the door. He will be waiting for me on the other side.”
-“Oh master. I hear the steps of your cloven hooves eqoing through the shadows. I will do as you have told me.”
-“Who are all these faces that try to stop me? Are they shadowy memories from another life? Master enlighten me.”

The group came upon a long hallway with 10 sarcophagi lining the walls. At the end we noticed a silvery white light coming from around the corners and a set of double doors. We inspected the closest few sarcophagi and noticed they had pictures of human warriors etched on them. Corun noticed that each one also had Draconic writing on them, but the ones we were able to inspect so far were too worn down to read. As Corun was inspecting a sarcophagus she heard muffled clicks and scratches coming from inside. Alonius confirmed the noises and started to make his way further down the hallway. Before he could get very far all of the sarcophagus lids flew open and skeletons emerged, ready for battle.

Crystal easily took out a cluster of minions while Heimdall fearlessly charged into battle. Severian and Alonius began making their way toward two skeleton warriors at the end of the hallway. The group expected victory….and then two more skeletons appeared.

To be continued….


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