Session 9

Letters From Home

Letters From Home

In this session the group followed a slinger into the waterfall. Alonyous tried his best to stealthily peak inside the waterfall, but the enemies inside became aware of us very quickly. After slaying many minions, and battling with skirmishers, a wyrmpriest and dragonshields, Irontooth (presumably) appeared. The goblin thought to be Irontooth had a facial tattoo of a skeletal ram’s head, similar to the pendant we had found earlier of Orcus (god of the undead). His jaw was also made of metal, thus suggesting him to be Irontooth.

The group was down to four members for the session, and with numerous baddies to fight there were many times we fell unconscious. Corun came to our rescue each time. Matt made the smart decision to cash in a fancy card that gave Heimdall regeneration 5 for the encounter. We calculated that Heimdall took over 100 points of damage during the session! Also, let it be on record that Jon rolled 3 consecutive crit rolls in this session! A 1/8000 chance! (This was followed immediately by Kris rolling a crit. Odds?)

Crystal made the finishing blow, and the rest of Irontooth’s followers ran off after his death. With his last breath Irontooth said “Kalarel and Lord Orcus prepare my way.” In his…pockets…there was a small silver key and a note to Irontooth from Kalarel. The note read:

“My spy in Winterhaven suggests we keep an eye out for visitors to the area. It probably does not matter; in just a few more days, I’ll completely open the rift. Then Winterhaven’s people will serve as food for all those Lord Orcus send to do my bidding.”

As a souvenir, Alonyous (with Heimdall’s help) ripped the metal jaw from Irontooth’s face.

The key fit into a locked treasure chest inside the cave. Unfortunately Alonyous forced the chest open without using the key, but luckily nothing bad happened. The +1 dwarven chainmail that was inside went straight to our dwarven cleric. Jon used a fancy card to double the gold we found from 420 to 840! Our DM mentioned that it looked as though some treasure had been moved out.

Feel free to add if I forgot anything!



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