Session 7

Closing The Muddy Hole

Closing The Muddy Hole

The heroes very quietly opened the door to the next room to find 2 Giant Frogs in a shallow pit of mud. A group of Croakers and a Bullywug Mud Lord were lying in wait, but were dispatched while the group attempted to deal with Severian and Crystal being swallowed by the frogs, and most of the group in danger of falling to the Croakers’ claw attacks.

Opening the heavy vault door, the heroes found themselves face-to-face with a malfuctoning magical staff that appeared to be allowing the Elemental Chaos plane to intrude on the Material Plane. The sending stones held out just long enough for a quick description to be given to Bob and Taika, and their response that it would take a combination of knowledge of nature and the arcane to repair the staff. Severian was selected to retrieve the staff, and he was met by 4 Mud Men as soon as he stepped into the swirling mud surrounding the staff. Corun took the staff to begin attempting to repair it while the rest held off the elemental creatures. After they were reduced to puddles, the group seemed to relax a little too much, nearly reopening the portal in their fumbling attempts to repair it. With a bit more concentration, and assistance from Heimdal, Alonyous, and Severian, the pairing of Corun’s arcane power and Crystal’s knowledge of the natural world was enough to restore the Staff Of Earthen Might to its original state.

Defeated (Chamber Of The Frog):
  • 1 Bullywug Mud Lord
  • 2 Giant Frogs
  • 4 Bullywug Croakers
Treasure (Chamber Of The Frog): Defeated (Vault Of The Staff):
  • 4 Mud Lords
  • Stem The Tide (skill challenge)
Treasure (Vault Of The Staff):
  • Feyleaf Sandals (taken by Bob)
  • Staff Of Earthen Might (taken by Crystal)

XP (total): 602 + 750 + 500 (minor quest) = 1852

XP (each): 370



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