Session 6

Destroying Bullywugs (and doors)

Destroying Bullywugs (and doors)

  • Receive word from Lord Padraig that a recent increase in bullywug sightings must be investigated. Portal to the Elemental Chaos is suspected
  • Taika and Bob stay behind in Winterhaven with Valthrun to research how to close a portal if it is found.
  • Receive weak Sending Stone from Valthrun
  • Lord Padraig hires Severian XXIII to join the group for this mission.
  • The Ruins – battle and investigation
  • The Study – battle

Defeated (The Ruins):
  • 2 Bullywug Croakers
  • 2 Bullywug Muckers
  • 2 Bullywug Twitchers
Treasure (The Ruins):
  • +1 Symbol Of Divine Reach (taken by Corun)
Defeated (The Study):
  • 3 Bullywug Muckers
  • 1 Bullywug Twitcher
  • 1 hidden quagmire hazard (giggity!)
Treasure (The Study):
  • gems (worth 100gp)
  • Scroll of Comrade’s Succor (taken by ???)

XP (total): 526 + 550 = 1076

XP (each): 215



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