Session 30

Kalarel Flashes His Rod at Severian

Kalarel Flashes His Rod at Severian

Alternate title: Alonius Inspects Severian’s Rod

The group continued their battle with Kalarel. Sometime during the encounter Kalarel whipped out a mirror and shadows started moving excitedly.

Heimdall defeated a skeleton but the Wight resurrected it. Almost immediately Crystal brought the skeleton to its final death. Alonius moved toward Kalarel and a shadowy claw reached out of the portal behind him to attack Alonius. The portal’s claw attack had a reach 5, and it healed Kalarel each time the claw made a successful attack.

Crystal recognized the mirror as the one that had been found in the graveyard. Further inspection revealed that looking into the mirror would cause it to attack and take a surge away from you. The mirror was also somehow linked to the ritual that was trying to open the portal.

Corun gave the final blow to Kalarel, at which time the portal claw reached out and dragged his body into the portal. Kalarel dropped his weapon (The Rod of Ruin) and the mirror before entering the portal. The rod rolled purposely toward Severian. Severian grabbed the rod and was overcome by a vision. After it finished he shared with the group that he had a vision of war and the end result was him choking on his own fluids. A voice had then whispered to him to “seek Karavakos.”

The group found a +2 magic dagger which Corun generously handed over to Alonius. We also found a note and a ritual book on the altar, both of which we took. Alonius managed to find some gold on his own and pocketed it while no one was looking.

Severian began to get a bad feeling about closing the portal. As a test he put the Rod of Ruin down and he did indeed feel better about closing the portal. Corun and Crystal got together and ended the ritual, closing the portal.

We opened the note and it read:
“Greetings Kalarel,
I am happy to hear that our plan is progressing so well in Winterhaven. I approve of your suggested changes of the ritual of Unbinding I gave you, I think you are on the right track. The Nareth wizards’ seal will soon be broken and our Dark Lord’s hordes will yet again walk the lands of the living. Keep an eye on the bloodreavers, they have started to ask questions. If you need anything further just ask.
-Your Master”

Heimdall successfully beheaded to huge statue of Orcus. Before he did so he noticed that the stone rod that the statue was holding resembled the Rod of Ruin. Heimdall threw the stone head down the pit opposite the altar.The group made numerous attempts to break the magic of the mirror and Alonius finalized it. Crystal put the bag in her bag of holding.


The group returned to Winterhaven and received a mix of feelings. We were informed that Bairwin had been taken prisoner by the townspeople for killing Rond the guard. When Rond entered Bairwin’s home he apparently discovered a shrine to Orcus in his basement. We then realized that Bairwin was the one who had purchased the mirror from us after we found it in the graveyard.

We also learned that Lord Padraig was gravely ill, and we suspected Bairwin had something to do with it. The group visited Lord padraig who let us have say over Bairwin’s sentence in his absence.


A trial was set up with Winterhaven townspeople as witnesses. Bairwin admitted setting up the altar in his basement but refused to admit he murdered Rond. Corun threatened to show him the mirror and Alonius actually removed the mirror to place in from of Bairwin. This got a clear reaction out of him, since he was not aware that we had removed the magic from it. He then admitteds to giving the mirror to Kalarel and also to killing Rond.



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