Session 29

Why Are You Hittin' Yourself?

Why Are You Hittin’ Yourself?

The group defeated all the enemies in the room and took a short rest. We then searched the entire room, starting with the giant columns. We discovered they were non-magical light sources. Alonius walked up to the pit and through a sunrod into it. It fell about 50 feet down and hit a deep pool of blood. We heard muffled voices from below and Corun understood the word “undead” spoken in common. To ensure that no creatures couls climb up them, the group pulled all four chains from the pit.

Alonius and Heimdall then approached the hanging humans. There were 2 males and 1 female. As soon as they were removed from above the altar they died. We noticed then that the room was not always an Orcus room. It had been defaced to serve the evil purpose. Corun cleansed the alter with some of her ale before we made our way back to the pit. Alonius and Heimdall tied their ropes down and we all climbed down them stealthily. We also threw two chains back down, in case something were to happen with the ropes.

Once near the bottom of the pit, we encountered Kalarel himself. Crystal had extensive knowledge of Kalarel, and learned that our found dragon statues gave us each a +2 to saving throws against Kalarel. Death Lock Wights, Skeleton Warriors and the escaped Clay Scout were there to help Kalarel fight us. We also discovered that a circle of runes in the floor gave a +2 to Kalarel’s defenses, and heal 5 for Kalarel and undead within range while Kalarel stood inside it. We noticed that it was somehow linked to the chanting ritual.

To be continued…..



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