Session 28

The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown

….continued from previous session

After the many creatures had been disposed of, Crystal noticed a tunnel in the corner of one of the rooms. Severian squeezed through it and came to a room with seemingly nothing important inside. Crystal made her way through and discovered a bag of holding with 176pg inside. She kept the bag of holding for herself and deposited the gold in the group’s community fund. The males of the group decided to full rest while the females watched guard. Those that slept continued their dream from previous nights.

The dream continued past where it had previous nights. Shadowy arms of old dead friends reached out at the dreamers, begging them to release them by making “the final sacrifice”. Upon awakening, Alonius and Severian felt they were down by 2 healing surges while Heimdall was down by 1.

Alonius stealthily opened the double doors that the ghoul had gone through the evening before. Inside we saw a huge cavernous red room with large pillars and a mosaic floor. In the middle of the room sat an altar bin filled with the blood of three humans hanging from chains. Their necks and wrists had been slit but they continued to live and bleed by some sort of magic. Blood streaks led from the bin to grates in the floor. Surrounding the grates were mosaic tiles picturing demon heads. Behind the altar bin sat an altar. Behind the altar was a statue of Orcus and a man chanting about a sacrifice to Orcus. He raised a dagger and we were able to see the ram tattoo on his face. He wore black and purple robes with vestments adorned with ram heads.

Heimdall took the initiative and placed his sword in his teeth to rip the door off its hinges. We then collected behind him and ran into the room using the door as a shield. Once inside the room Heimdall threw the door at a vampire minion, bringing it to its final death. The first creatures that the group noticed were vampire spawns, a dark creeper (aka “Steve”), human berserkers and an underpriest of Orcus. Heimdall killed one of the berserkers while Crystal managed to kill four vampires.

Corun concentrated on the priest’s chanting and noticed that it seemed to be a supporting ritual, not “the big one”. She also noticed that the priest was NOT kalarel, based on the ghost we fought early in the adventure.

To be continued….



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