Session 27

My gods have spoken. Nope...it was just Crystal.

My gods have spoken. Nope…it was just Crystal.

Alternate title: “SLAM! Duh duh duh…let the dead be dead!”

At the start of the session (in-game timeline pushed back to before current room), Heimdall told us about a dream/vision he had. In this vision all of Heimdall’s deceased ancestors visited him and warned him that his recent actions have not made them proud. So he had a choice to make…either continue on the path he had set on or side with his honorable ancestors. Another factor was that his sword (Aecris) seemed different. Corun noticed that it seemed to become more powerful with each act of treachery he performed. He informed the group that he decided to side with his ancestors, and vowed to make honorable decisions in the future.

Now back to Alonius drowning….

Corun inspected the arcane wall and recognized it as an arcane cage that could not be damaged and left no line of effect. Remembering the cryptic dreams they had had in the Keep about blood quenching thirsts, Crystal spattered a small amount of her blood on the arcane cage. The group noticed that it shimmered slightly and some water trickled out before it returned to its previous state. Seeing this from the water-filled room, Alonius immediately slashed his arm and was able to leap through a small opening in the arcane cage just before it closed back up.

Through a series of examinations, the group realized that destroying the cherubs would most likely destroy the arcane cage as well. Severian teleported inside the cage to get a better look. We destroyed one cherub and it crumbled to the ground but nothing happened. We decided to see if destroying a second one would be more effective. It was. After the cherub crumbled so did the arcane cage. Water flowed from the room and stopped dripping from the jugs. We then moved forward to examine the doors at the end of the hallway.

While this was going on Heimdall approached one of the dragon statues and it came to life. He destroyed it mostly on his own and then turned to the second statue to leave nothing to chance.

Once the arcane cage had been disabled, Crystal examined the locked door and realized that the lock was directly connected to the life of the dragon statues. She moved in to help Heimdall destroy the remaining statue by dealing damage when the status did not move on its turn. The group then reunited at the watery hallway. Seeing that Heimdall had been a big help to the party, Corun decided to grant him healing.

Alonius listened through the door and heard vocal sounds..not necessarily speech. He stealthily opened the door and everyone smelled rotten meat. We also saw partially eaten corpses and a zombie rotter approaching. We opened the door to face the undead creatures.

Severian set up his “army of the night” attack on one of the zombies. If an ally ended adjacent to the zombie it would feel the need to attack its ally. This power alone disposed of five zombie rotter minions. Everyone in the group got to kill at least one minion. Severian killed both zombies ad Heimdall ended the ghoul’s afterlife. The clay scout that had been in the room ran out in the middle of the battle. He exited through two double doors and we decided to not split the party by following after him. A ghoul then appeared out of nowhere and attempted to bite Alonius.

We stopped mid battle in favor of sleep (out-of-character).



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