Session 26

Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving

Alternate title: Circle Jerky of Death

Alonius snuck down the hall and cracked open the door to peek. He saw another hallway. Crystal heard someone yell in goblin: “we’re under attack!” As a creature ran throught the door and shut it Severian heard it say “go for help! We’ll hold them off here”.

Knowing what was ahead, the group took their time searching the door before they opened the door. Alonius checked the pile of boxes on the floor and found mostly rotten food. There were, however, 3 casks of beer, which Corun took advantage of.

The group again heard voices from behind the door. This time they said “where are you going you fools? Stay here and fight!” Alonius recognized it as an obvious bluff. Severian proceeded to open the door and lots of creature were there waiting. The attacks included a pair of hobgoblin soldiers, a hobgoblin warcaster, a hobgoblin archer (aka “Bob”) and many hobgoblin grunts. Crystal took care of all the grunt minions, while Corun and Heimdall each got to kill a soldier. At the request of Heimdall, Alonius knocked the warcaster unconscious without killing him.

Heimdall picked up the shockstaff that the warcaster had been holding and proceeded to shove it up his buttocks in an unsightly manner. Upon seeing this, the archer surrendered his weapons. He admitted that he was a Bloodreaver, and claimed to not know of any plaas for an attack. However, he did know of human slaves that were taken from Winterhaven and sold in The Seven-Pillared Hall. He continued on to explain that Bloodreavers have an agreement with the master and they make undead. He said that Kalarel was in the Keep (by the water room), and it is their job to protect him.

Because he was such a big help, we decided to simply knock him unconscious and tie him to a table so he couldn’t escape. We gagged him and broke his longbow as well. Corun remained in the corner by the casks while this exchange was happening.

To be thorough, we checked the last door in the hallway and found nothing inside. We then continued to the water-dripping room and made our way single-file around the large statue that had attacked us previously. Alonius approached the door past the cherubs and took a sip of water from a cherub’s jug. He said that although it looked like seawater that it tasted like regular water. He continued into the hallway ahead of the group and an arcane wall shut across the opening, blocking him off from everyone else. The area started to fill with water with Alonius trapped inside. The doors to the entrance of the large room once again slammed shut. This time with everyone inside.

To be continued…..

EDIT [Sean] – minor spelling corrections on names/locations



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