Session 25

Tra'ak's Last Supper

Tra’ak’s Last Supper

Alternate Title: Alonius Goes To The Peep Show

Alonius continued to stealthily search the hallways. The group tried to keep up, while still keeping a safe distance. Alonius came across a room that contained a large burned table with crumpled parchments. There wee also large containers in the corner of the room. Alonius peaked in an eyehole in a door and something yelled out from the other side “sell them to the blood reavers! Attack!” Eight hobgoblins emerged and closed the port cullis with only Alonius and Crystal inside the room. Severian was able to teleport into the room but the rest of the group had to wait for Heimdall to break through the gate (which took three tries).

We quickly learned that the tall hobgoblin war chief was named Tra’ak. Upon seeing Heimdall’s shield he said “Garek, what have you done?” The battle was a tough one. Heimdall fell unconscious once, while Severian and Alonius fell multiple times. Severian was able to get two kills in, while Crystal took care of the rest.

After the creatures had all been taken care of, the group explored the room. On the table Corun found plans for an attack on Winterhaven. It involved 20 hobgoblins and several hundred undead. Crystal found 4 bottles of wine (worth 5gp each). Alonius found nothing in the beds, but did find a treasure chest in one of the bedrooms. The chest contained 380gp and a Vicious Shortsword +1 (which Alonius took). Heimdall checked Tra’ak’s body for symbols and found nothing. He then cut the war chief’s face off as a souvenir.

(Bookkeeping: Heimdall and Crystal got an AP, but the rest of the group has one more encounter to go)



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