Session 24

Q-Burt is The Name of My Gelatinous Cube

Q-Burt is The Name of My Gelatinous Cube

Secondary title: Salvana Taught Me To Be Limber

The group encountered a gelatinous cube (aka Q-Burt) which swallowed Alonius very early on. Severian was also swallowed, but was able to teleport out. Heimdall killed the gelatinous cube with Alonius still inside. A still-alive Alonius was pulled from the slain enemy.

Once the gelatinous cube was defeated, Heimdall investigated the nearby sarcophagi (four in total). They were made of stone with little ornamentation on the outside. There was also a locked door in the room. Severian attempted to unlock the door, but was unsuccessful. Alonius’s luck faired better. Heimdall stepped forward to open the door, and the moment he did two of the sarcophagi crashed open to reveal two very angry corpses.

Severian took the afterlife of one, while Crystal claimed the other. Just to be on the safe side, Heimdall placed the two heavy lids on top of the remaining two sarcophagi.

The group then searched the room that had been locked. They found a treasure chest with the symbol of Bahamut on it. The contents appeared to be children’s belongings: An amulet with Drystan Keegan on it, a bracelet with Ceinwein Keegan on it, a wooden toy sword, a hair brush and a child’s doll. There was also an amulet of Safewing (+1). Corun won the roll for it but generously gave her prize to Alonius.

Corun, Alonius and Severian were in dire need of a full rest. During that time Crystal and Heimdall short rested and stood guard.

The members of the group that full rested experienced the same nightmare as before, with a slightly longer ending. There were tears from ceiling, and blood on their hands and floor. Voices in their heads said “feed us. Only your blood will quench our thirst.” They once again lost a surge upon waking.



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