Session 23

Corun Summons Giant Peep

Corun Summons Giant Peep

The group continued to search the remaining rooms. There were many hallways with closed doors. We basically just picked one and started there. The room we picked had a huge statue of a generic titan. Alonius moved further into the room and the statue came to life. At the same time, the door to the room slammed shut and locked from the other side. Luckily, the entire group was on the same side of the door.

While fighting the huge titan statue, we discovered an access panel on the statue. We also observed that the dust had been disturbed around the dragon statues in the corner of the room. We noticed that the statue’s range of motion left enough space to walk the perimeter of the room without being within his reach. Severian made his way around the room to a corridor that contained 4 cherub statues holding jugs over their heads. There was also a small puddle by a closed door in the corridor, which we decided to ignore for the time being. Heimdall made his way over to Severian and noticed that the water was dripping from the walls but not the ceiling. Severian and Heimdall never actually entered the corridor.

Crystal gave the final blow to the titan statue before any of us had to approach the access panel. After several attempts, Alonius successfully unlocked the door that had slammed shut behind us. We exited without further examining the room.

The group continued down a narrow hallway and encountered two Blue Devils. It was a well-known fact among the group that Corun had personal experience with Blue Devils, and hated them immensely. Severian and Crystal knocked the devils unconscious and allowed Corun the final blow. Crystal had created a zone that damaged enemies when they exited the space. Corun pulled the Blue Devils out of the zone, killing them instantly. Heimdall scooped up some of their ectoplasm and wrote on the wall “That was for Corun you Blue Devil bitches”.



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