Session 22

We're All Dying and Severian Can't Get Up an F'n Rope!

We’re All Dying and Severian Can’t Get Up an F’n Rope!

Alternate Title: “Does Thou Have a Forty?”

The group made their way back to the Keep. Upon searching for Splug, all the group found was a broken sunrod and 3 D6 dice. After numerous rolls of the dice, we noticed that the numbers 4, 5 and 6 came up most frequently. Those numbers happened to be common for the game “Ship, Captain and Crew”, which we all knew Splug to be fond of. Heimdall closely examined the dice, and realized that the holder of the dice would gain a +1 to a D20 roll they just made. Corun won them by critting a D20 roll.

We went back into the Keep and continued down the stairs where we had not ventured to before. There we noticed 2 hobgoblin soldiers and 2 hobgoblin grunts. In the center of the room was a 30 foot deep well. When we gave the passphrase we had found, they yelled that " Ninaran has died", and prepared to attack us.

Early in the fight Severian was pushed down into the well. Each time he attempted to climb out of the well he was either pushed back down or fell. He ended up staying down there for the majority of the battle.

Many more hobgoblins emerged and as we walked further into the room we noticed a Death Jump Spider in a cage in the next room. The spider was eventually released and joined the fight against us. It was a difficult fight, but the group was ultimately victorious. Alonius fell unconscious and used a fancy card to be able to attack while unconscious. It turned out to be well worth it since he fell unconscious many times during the fight. Severian finally escaped from the well and used his rage to give the spider the finishing blow.



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