Session 21

Ninaran is Evil and a Whore

Ninaran is Evil and a Whore

The group decided to make their way back to Winterhaven. Corun and Crystal pulled Splug off to the side and asked him to hide in a bush. Crystal instructed him in Goblin to observe whoever goes in/out of the Keep. We gave him a dagger and Corun promised to bring him back twice the amount of ale she was planning on giving him.

Upon our return to Winterhaven, Lord Padraig met us at the gate and instructed us to go straight to the graveyard. Delphina went back inside the city gates.

The graveyard had 3 mausoleums, and the largest one had a glowing circle next to it. Alonius snuck up to the circle and one of the mausoleums opened. Elven archer Ninaran emerged from the mausoleum, along with 12 decrepit skeletons. Gravehound zombies also started appearing throughout the graveyard.

Severian and Crystal made their way to the glowing circle in hopes of disabling it. Crystal made a successful arcana check, and Severian made two successful thievery checks, ultimately disabling the circle. The remaining skeletons and hound fell to dust when this happened.

The group gave a mighty effort, and Crystal had the privilege of giving the fatal hit to Ninaran. On her, the group found 39gp, and a sheet of velum.

The velum had a note from Kalarel that said the passphrase to the second floor of the Keep is “from the ground some magic was found.”

We also noticed that Ninaran’s clothing had a tear, which matched the torn piece of cloth that we had been trying to match.

We returned to Winterhaven and were treated as heroes. Salvana offered sleeping quarters and ale, free of charge. Heimdall decided to get a little something extra from her in the sleeping quarters.



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