Session 20

Orcus' Vile Taint

Orcus’ Vile Taint

The group fought more skeletons and finally made it to the end of the hallway. Crystal came away with the most minions killed, but Heimdall killed both the Warriors. At the end of the hallway there was a dome in the ceiling that had a picture of a flying dragon with silver scales. Corun recognized the dragon as Bahamat aka Platinum Dragon (god of justice, protection and honor).

Past the dome we saw matching altars with etchings of soldiers praying. Above one of them was written in blood in draconic “blood and shadows. Blood for shadows.” Written on the south altar Heimdall read “The platinum dragon is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer. He is my stronghold, my refuge and my armor against the foes of life. I need only kneel and offer him my praise.” Upon reading this, Heimdall moved up to pray and Alonius followed. As they prayed the light under the domed ceiling shed blinding light and each sarcophagus clattered then went quiet. After that the remaining party members knelt at the altar to pray. As we did this a bright light shone from behind the altar and a compartment became visible. Alonius opened it and found 6 silver and platinum dragon statues. Since there were only 5 members in the group, Corun convinced everyone to leave the sixth statue behind.

Next we moved to the north altar on the other side of the hallway. Prayer did not produce anything out of the ordinary at that altar. However, upon careful examination of the dragon statues, Alonius noticed a faint trace of magic. Next the group moved up to the metal double doors at the end of the hallway, where Splug rejoined us. On the other side of the doors was a tomb with a coffin (on a raised dais). Alonius snuck up to the coffin and noticed manic writing on the walls, once again written in blood.

-“The door. i must find the door. So much blood. Can’t see. Shadows everywhere.”
-“No they tricked me Master. They have locked me in. Release thy servant.”
-“No Master. Please no. I do not want to see. Do not show me. Do not abandon me Master. I want to be in your shadow.
-”What have I done. NO."
-“Bahamut forgive me. This is the end.” (This was written behind the altar)

A warrior in plate armor was carved into the lid of the coffin. Corun recognized that a burial like that would be for royalty or someone very important. Corun knelt to pray and a skeleton holding a sword burst out of the coffin. He stated “the rift muct never be reopened. State your business or prepare to die.” The group participated in a skills challenge and ultimately proved our worthiness and willingness to fight.

The warrior introduced himself as Sir Keegan. He was in charge of keeping the rift sealed. He asked us if we had been sent to do the same. He goes on to tell us how he had murdered everyone (including his own family) while under Orcus’ control. Sir Keegan presented his sword named Aecris, which had been given to him when he was knighted by the Eladrin King. Sir Keegan gave Aecris to Heimdall and advised him to seek Bahamat’s aid. As a thank you Heimdall handed Sir Keegan his own sword in return.

While making our way back through the keep, we heard a small voice coming from the entrance. The voice asked “heroes are you still there?” When we got closer to the entrance we recognized the voice as Delphina Moongem’s. She told us her uncle returned to Winterhaven…her uncle who had died years ago. Apparently all the dead citizens of Winterhaven have started rising from their graves. Lord Padraig sent her to the keep to retrieve us. It looks like we will most likely be returning to Winterhaven. But what to do with Splug?



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