Session 19

Nobody Puts Zombie In A Corner

Nobody Puts Zombie In A Corner

We found more writing on the walls. It appeared to again be human blood.
-“The shadows are whispering to me. They tell me secrets. They tell me to do things. Horrible things.”
-“There are shadows in my head and blood on my hands. Who am I? When will it end?”
-“Get away from me I do not want to see.”
-“Sweet blood. Thou are my river and master.”
-“The horned one is calling in my dreams. Showing me things. Things that I have to do. He is my master. He is my lord.”

The group fought the room full of zombies with ease. Corun critted against one of them and it instantly dessintigrated. When all the zombies had been irradicated a spirit inside a plaque began to speak to Corun. It asked a riddle, and promised a reward for a correct answer. The group was triumphant and Heimdall obtained a +1 Black Iron Scale Armor.

We continued searching the level we were on and came across more writing on the walls.
-“The door. I must open the door. He will be waiting for me on the other side.”
-“Oh master. I hear the steps of your cloven hooves eqoing through the shadows. I will do as you have told me.”
-“Who are all these faces that try to stop me? Are they shadowy memories from another life? Master enlighten me.”

The group came upon a long hallway with 10 sarcophagi lining the walls. At the end we noticed a silvery white light coming from around the corners and a set of double doors. We inspected the closest few sarcophagi and noticed they had pictures of human warriors etched on them. Corun noticed that each one also had Draconic writing on them, but the ones we were able to inspect so far were too worn down to read. As Corun was inspecting a sarcophagus she heard muffled clicks and scratches coming from inside. Alonius confirmed the noises and started to make his way further down the hallway. Before he could get very far all of the sarcophagus lids flew open and skeletons emerged, ready for battle.

Crystal easily took out a cluster of minions while Heimdall fearlessly charged into battle. Severian and Alonius began making their way toward two skeleton warriors at the end of the hallway. The group expected victory….and then two more skeletons appeared.

To be continued….



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