Session 18

Alonius And The Bad Touch

Alonius And The Bad Touch

When we entered the hallway we smelled a damp rot. Crystal asked Splug if he knew what was in this area, and he made a zombie gesture. Corun recognized a terror rune on the floor. She remembered that when you touch a Terror Rune a deafening scream is released and everyone around it just wants to escape the sound. Splug stood on one of the runes and allowed Severian to shadowstep to the other side. Alonius decided to throw caution to the wind and touch the rune directly. Crystal was hit with necrotic damage as a result, and bolted toward the exit. The group immediately heard the sound of zombies approaching.

The group brought 14 zombies to their final rest. Severian’s shroud compelled one zombie to kill two of its allies. Even Splug got a kill in, when he grabbed Corun’s sunrod and stabbed a zombie javelin-style.

While examining the halls a small empty room was found. Crystal heard the faint sound of zombies through one of the walls in the room, and noticed the wall had a shimmery hue. Alonius stealthily stuck his head through the wall where he met with four zombies on the other side.



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