Session 17

There are mother f'n snakes in these mother f'n holes!

There are mother f’n snakes in these mother f’n holes!

We welcomed Lock Cole and his girlfriend via Skype.

In this session the group found a hole. Alonius climbed down the hole. In it he found a dead Kruthik on top of a dead goblin. Alonius checked them for loot and found 12gp and 2 potions of healing on the goblin. The group noticed that the cavern had a musky/snake-like smell, and there were scratches on the walls. The group went deeper into the dark hole (#) and Alonius’ light rod alerted the nearby Kruthiks that we were there. Many of them looked young, and there was one adult. Also, apparently adult Kruthiks can shoot poisonous spikes at you. Here was the death tally:

Heimdall: 3 hatchlings
Crystal: 2 hatchlings
Corun: 1 youngin
Alonius: 1 hatchling
Severian: 2 youngins, 1 adult

After defeating all the Kruthiks, we found a pile of loot in the room. It contained 5 Amethyst gems (worth 50gp each), 47gp and 216sp.

The group was in need of an extended rest, so we backtracked back to the secret room. Heimdall kept watch with Splug. Everyone who slept had the same nightmare as before, with a slightly longer ending.. We came to a large room with a huge door at the other end. We heard some familiar voices beckoning us to open the door.

When we awoke each of us was down 2 healing surges (except for Corun, who had not slept last time).



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