Session 14

Splug's Tiny Fists Of Fury

Splug’s Tiny Fists Of Fury

In this session we interrogated the goblin prisoner. The creature understood some common but had an affinity to the Goblin language, so Crystal did most of the speaking. He confirmed his name was Splug, and stated that other goblins imprisoned him. In his words “ship captain crew don’t like them”. Alonius, having extensive gambling knowledge, knew this to be a dice game. The group deduced that Splug was imprisoned for being “too good” at a dice game.

Splug told Crystal that his family had disowned him for wanting to be nicer, and he is willing to help us out and carry our packs for us. I explained to him that we would let him out, but he would have to answer all our questions. Severian teleported into the locked cell to pat Splug down and bind his hands. While being patted down, Splug stole 4 gold pieces from Severian. He returned them, but as a result lessened the group’s already thin trust in him. The mystery key in Corun’s pocket opened the cell. Crystal and Corun tried their best to be intimidating, but Splug felt safe around them instead. Alonius, Severian and Heimdall managed to terrify the creature.

We tied Splug to Alonius’ waist and started questioning him. He said Blood Reavers from the Thunderspire Mountains come and drag the humans away. He insisted on moving far away from the cells, where the humans are normally kept. We indeed saw traces of blood on the cell walls.

Splug claimed to know the entire Keep very well. We asked if he knew of any secret passages and he said Balgron’s. When asked where the passage led, all he would say is hallway. He then led us to the hallway where the secret passage hallway ended. At that point Alonius tied Splug to Corun’s waist so he could stealthily scope out a room ahead. In the room he saw giant rat minions. In the next room he saw Goblin Sharpshooters digging for treasure and at least one Guard Drake keeping watch. For Splug’s own safety, Corun tied him to a torch holder in the hallway and gagged him with an alcohol-soaked rag to keep him complacent. We attempted to infiltrate the room stealthily, but Crystal alerted the creatures to the group’s presence.

The room we entered had dug-out crevasses with wooden planks leading between the unexcavated “platforms”. Heimdall killed the two Guard Drakes, with Severian and Corun each getting to kill a Goblin Sharpshooter. Alonius intimidated the last Goblin Sharpshooter, who had little information to give. Alonius sent him running toward the exit. The group found 22 gold pieces and a pair of Giant-Kind Gloves. Heimdall beat Alonius in a roll for the gloves.

The group felt the need for a full rest so we hid in the secret hallway off of Balgron’s room while Corun kept watch. Each member of the group dreamt of walking in endless dark corridors surrounded by whispers in shadows beckoning them onward. As a result each of us that took a full rest woke up minus one healing surge; Slightly shaken, but ready to fight the Giant Rats nearby.


Changed description of platforms from “man-made” to “unexcavated”. They were actually at ground level, just not dug out yet.
Changed “waste” to “waist”. Kind of changes the tone of the adventure!

Session 14

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