Session 12

Goblin Conga Line

Goblin Conga Line

Following the sounds of yelling, the group went further into the Keep. Around the corner we found three doors (West, North and East). There were bloody streaks between the West and North doors. We opened the door to the West and found a storage room with some boxes. The doors to the East stood out because they were double metal doors. And also locked. We heard muffled arguing from Goblins through the door to the North, but could not make anything specific out. The group decided to sneak past the arguing Goblins and break into the locked doors to the East.

The group snuck down the hallway to the East and found two Goblins playing cards at a table. In the center of the table was a bell. Alonius was able to grab the bell and run back down the hall. A barrage of Goblin Warriors and Cutters began coming out of the woodwork, so the speak. There had been tapestries hanging throughout the rooms and behind each one was hiding numerous Goblins ready to attack us. And attack they did.

In the midst of Goblin Warriors and Cutters, a rather chubby Goblin (assumed to be Balgron, their leader) appeared. He attacked with his crossbow a few times but ran back down the hall as soon as he was bloodied.

Severian followed Balgron down the hall but lost sight of him. He checked behind more tapestries but only found an empty bedroom with a locked treasure chest in it. After defeating the last of the baddies the group reassembled by the treasure chest. Alonius was able to find a hidden door in the bedroom, which opened to a long hallway with stairs.

Next session: Open the treasure chest, venture down the hidden passage and check door to North (where Goblins were arguing).



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