Session 11

Flaming Rats and Fleeing Goblin

h1. Flaming Rats and Fleeing Goblin

Alternate title: “Flaming rats and leaping goblins”

After the Hashtags’ restful recovery, they sought out more news from their sources in Winterhaven. The party went separate ways to their designated locals, while Alonyous searched for any clues. Elian did not avoid them, but instead passed them along to Valthrun for any advancing news. Sister Lenora could not offer any advice on the cult followers, as neither could her new ward Bob. Heimdall spoke with Rond of the Guards, and found out only Kobolds and goblins were the creatures that had been encountered by the Winterhaven Regulars. A tour of the Siege Supply would be given, but only if Padraig or Lenora would give loan of their key to the party. Lenora gives the key for the purpose of the Supply tour, and Corun, Crystal, and Alonyous decide to trace the key. No hidden passages were found, but a patch did have a scent of Kobold. Once all inspection was concluded, the party wondered on the where abouts of Ninaran, but nobody knew where she was. Not even Lenora.

Upon leaving Winterhaven, the Hashtags took their way to the Keep, which was a swift journey without confrontation. As they arrived, they notice a stone staircase going down, but no trace of light. At this point Severian showed his face. After being included of the recent events, he decides to use his Shadow Cloak to stealthily move the party into the lower level of the keep. Corun and Alonyous notice squeaks and the pungent stench of unwashed bodies. Also a goblin warrior who has not noticed them is on patrol.

While that goblin warrior gets beaten within an inch of its life, more goblins show up, as well as a pit with a swarm of rats that Heimdall falls into. One of the goblin sharpshooters goes down courtesy of Severian, and Corun enflames the swarm of rats. As one of the goblins tries to flee, to the direction of which the party thinks is a prison section, he is also killed off. Crystal ( and majority of the party ) then attempts to intimidate the first goblin that was sighted, but with the assassin power skills of Severian, the goblin mentions Balgron and the Reavers. The goblin is then bound and gagged and tossed into the same pit trap that Heimdall fell into, as Corun and Alonyous stand guard.

“The whispering in my head, will it ever end ?”
“The little girl, who was she ? Her blood tasted like copper, but oh so sweet !”
“Traitors, they are all traitors to the Blood Lord !!”

“Splug” is also mentioned by one of the goblins



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