Session 10

Rumor Has It..

Rumor Has It…

We found a note in the cave near the treasure (written in common on a torn piece of tan cloth):

They are coming! Prepare!

We also found a note on Irontooth written in Goblin:

Greetings Mighty Irontooth,
We have received your human slaves. Good work brother. Skilled warlord Krand is proud of your work.
-Sword brother Tra’ak

First the group was met at the gate (very publicly) by Lord Padraig:
Lord Padraig- first thing he asked was “did you find them, are they safe?” Apparently townspeople have been disappearing. The group requested a more private audience with Lord Padraig (due to the sensitive nature of the information we wanted to discuss), and were granted private audience at Lord Padraig’s manor. We discussed the events at the waterfall, and gave Irontooth’s iron jaw to Lord Padraig.
Valthrun- showed us scrolls and books about the Keep on the Shadowfell. The keep was built by the old empire Nerath (now Winterhaven). A rift was opened in the keep by Karavakos (a powerful wizard), allowing access to undead. It was called “the unholy sanctuary of Orcus.” Valthrun showed us a poem about “the Kinslayer.” Rumor has it that 80 years ago the Garrision, Sir Gerald Keegan, slaughtered everyone in the keep, including his own family. The rumor continues that his ghost now haunts the keep.
Lord Padraig- upon hearing Valthrun’s story he doubled our reward and sent us on our way.

A successful religion check told us that the cult of Orcus has mostly human followers in secret societies. They wear black hooded robes with the Orcus symbol on them and they make human sacrifices. Orcus is also known as Bloodlord and Demonlord of Undead.

Went to market:
Delphina- she thinks saying the word “keep” is bad luck. We agree to use the word “Inn” from now on instead. She has only seen goblins to the north. No humans and no one in unusual robes.
Bairwin Wildarson- Valthrun is his most “eclectic” buyer. Still interested in buying the amulet.

Went to the Inn:
Salvana- Did not seem interested in speaking with us, but did provide food and drink “on the house” (a decision she seemed to regret later in the evening)
Ninaran- Came to our table. She has heard rumors that we are going to the Keep and that’s bad luck.
Eilian- Looked distraught/worried. The group observed he seemed to be obsessing over a torn paper, but it was unclear to Alonious from a distance (while making covert observations on his way to the head) what it was. Corun “drunkenly” sat down with him and asked him what was up/what he was reading, giving her companions the opportunity to come over and “retrieve her” and discuss further with Eilian. He gave us the torn sheet from a book. The paper had the history of the battle between Nerath and Shadowfell. He said things have changed and he had a nightmare about darkness behind a door.

Went to Valthrun’s Tower:
Valthrun- Told us that the townspeople don’t all think we have the town’s best interests in mind. Some think we are actually looking to start a cult. Valthrun told us the rift would have to have been opened deliberately, and by a very powerful wizard. He showed us the book he thought the torn page came from (a Nentirvale history book). The most powerful wizard he knew of was the wizards of old (Karavakos), now dead. We asked him about the Rod of Ruin, Kalerel, Irontooth, Krand and Tra’ak. He had only heard legends of the rod and nothing of the others. He did tell us that Orcus cults tend to worship at midnight.

Split up to be in different places at midnight:
Crystal- went outside the town walls towards the Keep. Transformed into wolf. Thought she saw something out of the corner of her eye after midnight on her side of the road in the trees.
Heimdall- Talked to the 2 guards at the gate. Every few years the town comes under attack and the townspeople hide in the Siege Supplies room to the left of Lord Padraig’s Manor. Lord Padraig and Sister Linora hold the only keys. Nobody was seen entering or leaving the town through the main gate all night (which has been noted as very unusual).
Corun- Stayed at Inn. She was the only person there all night other than Salvana (who regretted her “on the house” offer from earlier that evening).
Alonius- Sneaked around town. Thought he saw something out of the corner of his eye after midnight, near the Tenements (the group later examined the area around the Tenements for secret passages or new construction but found nothing of note)

Next morning:
Rond Kelfem (Captain of the Regulars/guards)- brought us to his office in the barracks. Has only heard of Irontooth in passing. Doesn’t know the other names. Says all his guards were born and raised in Winterhaven. He gave us a tour of the Siege Supplies (from the outside). We got his permission to patrol the tops of the town walls at night.
Guard- gave us tour from the top of the town wall. There are many staircases leading to the top of the walls. There is only one entrance to the Seige Supplies and no windows. Lord Padraig’s Manor is right up against the outside north wall. The guard seemed to have more respect for Sister Linora than Lord Padraig.

Go to speak with Sister Linora!



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